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The Start of an Era
Like many of us I started out in the food industry and did everything from bussing tables and washing dishes to waiting, bar tending and managing my own teams of servers and kitchen staff. This is what first introduced me to the truest side of the Customer Service Industry and was some of the most fun I have ever had as a working person. The most important thing I learned from working in restaurants is being upbeat and happy will always reflect in a positive light from both your direct reports to the customer you are taking care of.
My Life
Everybody has a Story
I want to start off by telling you all a little about myself, we all have a story and here is a little bit of mine.
I was born and raised on the East Coast of the United States specifically New England and even more specific a small town in Massachussettes. We didn't have money growing up, but that did not stop my father from doing the best he could with three rowdy boys all by himself. Although money was tight hopes were always high for success! I have always had pride in my work ethics and have been growing steadily for over a decade. 
Unfortunately we ended up losing my eldest brother to a terminal illness and my family ended up being devastated. I was well into my career but I had to go home to my father who needed consoling and someone to look out for his better interest so I flew back to Massachussettes to find work and be with him and have been taking care of him ever since!
The Rebound
We stayed in Massachussettes for a few more years and I ended up locating a Tech support position back in Arizona. Convincing my father to move out there with me was a battle in itself because I am removing him from his comfort zone but it was for the common good and growth of our family.
We Made It!
We made it to Arizona! After a very long 2500 mile road trip we were finally here and ready to start up a better life for ourselves. I had the opportunity to go to Arizona State University and fell in love with the people and the area in general. I was referred by a close friend that I made in Arizona and was offered a position with a call center for a major company and started my path into the technology field.​
There is much to learn in this field and the education has been endless for me because I have to know how everything works! I am a true believer that knowledge is power and learning should be paramount in anybody's path into true success. I now am in a dream position working closely with Web advisers and Tech Support of every caliber. I feel like the whole world is opening up to me as far as opportunity and the ability to do things that just a few years ago would have felt unreachable.
Having and open mind to learn and change is a very important step I think we all should take as far as becoming successful. Energy will be key and always, always keep grinding. It may sound cliche but if you can keep hustling the sky is the limit. I am now in a position where I know I can go anywhere with this life that I choose and you can too!   
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I am obviously passionate about personal growth and learning but I want you all to know that once you have a game plan in place, keep grinding and stay focused so that you can remember the things that brought you to life before things got complicated or difficult.  Whatever may have happened in your life remember YOU are NOT alone. Things that I remember being passionate about was seeing the world and I have plans to take advantage of my vacations for just that. I want to get back into gaming because it is one of the only things I can remember besides work that kept me busy and happy at the same time. I plan on starting a collection again. I am excited about my life and I want the same for all of you who see this!
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I wanted this website to reflect some positive and some negative about the struggles that we all face in life. My goal for this is to share with my peers some of my story so that we can naturally be closer because a team effort in this industry is very necessaryfor succcess.I want you all to be comfortable coming to me and asking me anything or just having discussions about work or life and be comfortable with me. We will all be success stories if we put our minds to it and I want to be a positive influence on your growth as individuals.
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